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Owning A Boat,
Made Easy!

Renting is the new buying

Ownership options have diversified a lot recently and the concept of buying out entire boats and yachts has changed.

There are multiple ownership modules that benefit the buyer:

  • Fractional ownership

  • Timeshare

  • Boat Management


Ownership Services

Yacht Management

Is maintaining your boat stressing you out? We provide solutions for boat owners who require assistance with keeping their boats in top shape. We provide-

  • Boat Maintenance

  • Crew Management

  • Marketing and Sales​


Clube Nautilus de Goa offers the ability to buy sailing time on any boat that we manage. This will allow you to use the boat for a fixed number of days every season. The boat could be owned directly by the club or by a member who is looking to earn revenue from it.

A boat owner can opt for a boat sharing option wherein they sell time on their boat through our timeshare system. They can maintain a portion of weeks allotted for themselves and give out the remaining time to the club, for which the club will thereon find buyers.

Fractional Ownership

The club can help you invest in a boat without having to purchase it whole. Why buy a boat when you have the option of buying a percentage of it? This feature allows you usage of the boat for a period that is proportional to your investment, and also the option of renting out the boat commercially in order to earn from it! We will aid in allotting time slots and fixing schedules for the boat, including maintenance and crew provisions.

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