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Clube Nautilus de Goa Events

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Clube Nautilus de Goa offers event packages for sailing

Combine sailing with a fun Sunday BBQ or even a musical evening.

Full or half day packages that include family and group activities along with a leisurely sail or a Discover Sailing class.

Kind of events

–Family Day picnics

–Cooking class & sailing

–Sail & Unwind Musical night

–Beach BBQ sessions


Discover Sailing

Clube Nautilus de Goa provides sailing experiences/excursions for guests in goan waters on board our sail boats. Our aim is to promote sailing as a sport as well as a leisure activity in Goa.

Through the specially designed “Discover Sailing” program  participants will acquaint themselves with the joys of sailing and also learn the basics required for a fun excursion on board a sail boat.

The course consists of both theory and practical knowledge. It is an ideal opportunity for people wanting to experiment with new activities on the water. It is suited for guests who are just visiting as it is a concise course that describes and explains sailing in a nutshell.

Longer duration courses are also available for those wanting to go into the depth of the subject. The participants will receive certificates on completion.

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