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Sail Your Business Towards Success


Team Building

In the sailing world, a well-coordinated crew is the main condition for success. Effective communication, team members complementing each other, cooperation and mutual trust are often more important than knowledge and characteristics of each individual. Develop these values within your team by sailing with us.

Corporate Fun Day

At Clube Nautilus de Goa, we can make your next Corporate Fun Day a breeze, including setting up a hotel and booking transportation. Our business travelers get exclusive deals and enjoy luxurious travel experiences. Let us handle the details of your next business trip and arrive at your Corporate Fun Day feeling refreshed and energized.

Company Regatta

Have a Company Regatta you’ve got to get to? The travel agents at Clube Nautilus de Goa are here to make your experience as easy and pleasant as possible. We have special deals for our business clients. We’ll turn an average business trip into an enjoyable experience. Let us take care of the travel arrangements for your next Company Regatta — you won’t regret it.

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